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Construction Materials Network

‘One-stop service for customers ranging from basic materials to finishing materials’

동양의 탄탄한 건자재 네트워크를 활용한 신규사업인 건자재유통사업은 건설현장에 필요한 모든 자재를 유통하는 종합건자재유통사업으로 발전하고 있습니다.

Based on the brand power and trust verified through our ready-mixed business, we provide one-stop service of all construction materials from the basic materials such as ready-mixed concrete and steel reinforcement to the finishing materials such as thermal insulation materials, tiles, sanitary wares and plaster boards. Especially, we expands our position in the distribution business of construction materials by playing an intermediate role between the construction companies that are reluctant to receive the products from small suppliers in a confidence level of deliver, and the small supplier that suffer from difficulties in special sales for such large construction companies.


Distribution of Construction Materials

As a new project using Tongyang’s solid network, this construction material distribution business is an integrated distribution business to provide all the materials necessary for the construction industry at the required location on time. Also, we have the sourcing capability for securing good quality products that customers need at reasonable prices from overseas such as USA, China and Europe as well as South Korea.

Available Products

Steel reinforcement, H-beam, steel pipes, plaster boards, thermal insulation materials, remitar, cement, bricks, PHC pile, pre-cast concrete (PC), stones such as marble, tiles, faucets, sanitary wares, built-in appliances, furniture, etc.

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