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‘Technical research on ready-mixed concrete with thoughts for environment and future’

동양 기술 연구소는 레디믹스트 콘크리트 중심의 전문적인 연구와 미래 지향적인 가치 창출을 목표로 R&D, 제품개발, 품질개선, 고객만족, 인재양성 등의 업무를 수행하고 있습니다.

The Tongyang Research Institute is doing its duties such as R&D, product development, quality improvement, customer satisfaction and training of talented individuals with the goals of special concrete-focused professional studies and future-oriented value creation.


Research Institute

Located in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, the Tongyang Research Institute digs out and develops various ingredients of ready-mixed concrete, and performs study on how to use those ingredients with the aim of product performance improvement, new product development, development of eco-friendly concrete, etc. Such R&Ds led to the development of super-high-early-strength concrete mixing technology in 2017, which contributed to obtaining the certification of Environmental Product Declaration (Carbon Footprint) from Korean Environmental Industry and Technology Institute in second after Eugene Corp. in South Korea.

R&D Business
Applied technology development (Source technology development)
New project research
Industrial-academic-institutional joint research
Factory automation research
Product Development
High valueproduct development(cost-saving/quality improvement)
Development of the products that meet customer needs
Development of special concrete and high performance concrete
Certification of eco-friendly ready-mixed concrete products
Technical Supports to Business Places
Supports for raw material quality and mixing technology
Customer satisfaction (Provision of technical data, quality tests)
Training of talented individuals (Educational training)

Key Performance

Main achievements of research institute
Development of super-high-early-strength concrete mixing technology
Development of new air-entraining agent
Development of air-entraining agent and its supplement
Development of early-strength type admixture
Development of segregation-reducing type superplaticizer
Development of bleeding-reducing admixture A
Development of precast high/general strength type AE water reducing agent
Certification of Environmental Product Declaration (Carbon Footprint) in 2017, 25-24-150, 25-27-150
Environmental Product Declaration, 25-30-150, 25-35-150 to be additionally certified in 2019

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