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‘Realization of Customer Satisfaction based on Quality-First Policy’

동양 건재사업은 60여 년 동안 구축해온 기술력과 업력을 바탕으로 고객 만족을 최우선하는‘고객 중심’의 건자재 전문기업입니다.

Starting from Busan in 1978, we currently have 23 plants and more than 430 shipping vehicles across the country. We expanded our business by taking over Jeonju plant in 2016 and operating again Wonju, Samcheok and Miro Plants in 2017. Tongyang’s ready-mixed concrete business seeks the quality-first policy through developing and manufacturing the eco-friendly high-quality products with human and nature in harmony. We will realize customer satisfaction by considering ‘Customer Focus’ the first core value of the company.

Ready-Mixed Concrete Business at Home and Abroad

Domestic Business
We are going on business in the metropolitan area, Chungcheong, Gangwon, Jeonbuk, Yeongnam and Jeju areas, and have the annual ready-mixed concrete production capacity of 12,240,000㎥ through the national network. Recently, we further reinforced our quality and technical skills by introducing EURAS, process equipment automation and quality management system of Eugene Corp.Tongyang is doing its best to provide the customers with the best quality products.
Overseas Business
Beijing Shuntong Ready-Mixed Concrete was established through a limited partnership agreement with the Renhezhen government-operated company in China in1994, and now has 3 batch plants and 12 silos that can produce 180㎥ per hour. Shuntong Ready-Mized Concrete is the plant with the longest history in the Shunyi District of Beijing with Tongyang’s knowhow of running overseas plants.

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