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‘Localization of Air Pollution Prevention Equipment Technology’

미세먼지, 초미세먼지 등이 환경문제로 대두되는 현대사회에서 동양은 환경설비 인프라엔지니어링을 통해 최적의 솔루션을 제공합니다. 발전, 제철제강, 시멘트,
화학플랜트 등의 산업생산시설 및 소각장의 대기오염 방지설비를 설계, 제작, 시공, 시운전을 통해 고객의 문제를 해결하고 있습니다.

Based on the overseas advanced technology, Tongyang succeeded in localizing most of technologies for air pollution prevention equipment through systematically accumulated experiences. Especially, Tongyang has a leading-edge technology in the incinerating facility, VOC reduction system, desulfurizer, DeNOx system and dust collecting system in South Korea. Since the technological transfer for air pollution prevention equipment such as bag filter from Intensiv in Germany, SDR from Bayliss in USA, and RTO (VOC treatment system) from KEU in Germany during the 1990s, Tongyang has established its own and systematic business areas through performing a number of projects. Also, Tongyang localized technologies for air pollution prevention equipment such as combustion gas treatment system, VOC reduction system, desulfurizer/DeNOx system and dust collecting system through continuous R&Ds and various construction experiences.


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We realize eco-friendly plant technologies through designing, manufacturing, installing and test-driving the air pollution prevention equipment for power plant, steel works, cement plant, chemical plant and incineration plant.

Combustion gas treatment system

De-Nox system

Semidry reactor

Activated carbon injection system

VOC and deodorizing treatment system

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