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‘Remodeling through collaboration of Tongyang and Eugene Homeday’

동양은 토목 건설서비스 분야에서 도로, 항만, 터널, 골프장 등 다양한 토목시공실적을 가지고 있습니다. 동양은 천안-논산 간 고속도로, 황금동-담티고개 간 도로,
대진 일반산업단지 진입도로공사 등 다양한 국가공사를 성공적으로 수행하였습니다.

Remodeling to improve the performance of degraded space and create new space is the surest way to increase the asset value in the rapidly-changing real estate market.
You can shorten the construction period compared to new construction, and can also dramatically reduce the construction costs by reusing existing building frame.
Tongyang’s remodeling business considerably enhances the customer’s asset value through the development and construction competences accumulated from various areas, and collaboration with Eugene Homeday specializing in interior work and remodeling.


Remodeling of commercial real estate
Increased building value through major repair, extension or usage change of the existing undervalued building with long-term vacancies
Presentation on promotion of value and profit ratio after building diagnosis
Remodeling of apartments through major repair
Provision of interior work tailored for each household as well as performance improvement of common area difficult to be controlled by each household
Green Remodeling
Realization of dramatically saving the maintenance costs through the improvement of energy performance and efficiency of the existing building
Thermal insulation enhancement work, energy control system installation work, new renewable energy work, energy performance improvement work

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