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Construction Services

‘Landmark construction in harmony with the surroundings’

Tongyang has provided the various buildings reinforcing the organic relations with their surroundings such as the intelligent building, multiple shopping complexes, residence through the latest construction methods and excellent construction capability. We successfully completed the projects as a local representative landmarks through the up-to-date eco-friendly technology based optimal designs departing from simple space utilization, which is creating a new architectural paradigm. Recently, we’re planning to expand our value chain as a general developer through platform business covering project development, construction and management in order to maximize a synergy with the existing business, and establish the sustainable growth system.

Construction Performance

A variety of construction performance in office buildings, multiple shopping complexes, etc.

Office Buildings
Company buildings of Tongyang Life Insurance, Tongyang Securities, etc. (9 buildings)
Ilsan Major-Tower
Sambo Building, Yunjin Building
General Buildings
Cheongwoo Golf College
Gapyeong Training Institute
Shopping Malls
Daegu Spectrumcity
Changwon Metro Square

Construction Photos

A variety of performance such as Daegu Spectrumcity, Changwon Metro Square, Cheongwoo Golf College, Ecomaister, and Gangnam Financial Security Building

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