현재 위치
  2. Brief History


“Since becoming a part of Eugene Group in 2016,
Tongyang dreams of creating the highest synergy.”

동양은 1955년 창립한 이래 건자재 네트워크, 건설서비스, 인프라 엔지니어링을 기반으로 고객이 원하는 최적의 서비스를 제공하는 솔루션 Provider로 성장하였습니다.

Since its foundation in 1955, Tongyang has expanded its business with excellent technologies
in the construction materials, construction and infrastructure engineering fields.
Since joining Eugene Group,Tongyang has been creating synergy effect in various areas,
and its future will diversify in a more developed and creative manner.

  • Apr. 2018 Relocated head office to 24, Gukjegeumyung-ro 2-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

  • Jan. 2018 Split-offs of Hanil Synthetic Fiber

  • Dec. 2017 CEO Jeong Jin-hak took office

  • Oct. 2016 Incorported into Eugene Group

  • Jul. 2011 Changed its company name to Tongyang from Tongyang Major

  • Jan. 2007 M&A of Hanil Synthetic Fiber

  • Mar. 2002 Separated cement business of Tongyang Major

  • Jun. 2000 Changed its company name to Tongyang Major from Tongyang Cement

  • Jun. 1976 Listed on the Korea Stock Exchange

  • Aug. 1955 Established Tongyang Cement Industrial Co.