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‘Leader in the plant industry since 1957’

동양의 플랜트는 60년을 이어오며 축적된 전문 기술과 운영 노하우를 바탕으로 Bulk & Coal Handling, Batch Plant에 있어
독보적인 종합 플랜트 엔지니어링 기술력으로 업계 선두에 있습니다.

We explore a new era of plant industry through our specialized technology and operational knowhow accumulated based on comprehensive engineering capabilities. We are positioned as the top leader in the plant industry through specializing in performing the high-efficiency cement plant projects, and building and operating the ready-mixed concrete plants with our specified competitiveness. As the first mover of next generation plant industry with its technology recognized at home and abroad, we develop production technology and create new future through ceaseless R&Ds.

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We provide a total solution for cement plant, power plant, iron works and chemical plant ranging from designing, equipment supply, and construction to operation.
Also, for the batch plant, we produce the block units via reasonable designing, and reduce the construction period as much as possible.

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Batch Plant

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