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‘Hub for aggregate supply in Yeongnam area’

2017년 5월 부산골재사업소를 시작으로 본격적인 골재사업을 시작하여 세척사, 자갈, 쇄사 등 다양한 골재상품을 합리적인 가격에 영남권 레미콘 업체에 공급하고 있습니다.

As a reinforced concrete structure’s strength and durability depends on the quality of ready-mixed concrete, aggregate is an important raw material directly connected to the safety. Tongyang operates two aggregate business offices in Busan and West-Busan, which produce good quality aggregates of 2,400,000㎥ per year. Such aggregates are supplied to more than 30 ready-mixed concrete companies as well as our ready-mixed concrete plants in Busan area, making us positioned as the center of aggregate supply in the Yeongnam area.


Aggregate Business

Busan Aggregate Business Office
This office has eco-friendly automated washing equipment with a capacity of washing sea sand of 2,000,000㎥ per year, and the aggregate storage facilities with the capacity of 20,000㎥ in a 6,000㎡ site. It contributes to the creation of synergy with ready-mixed concrete business supplying aggregates to the ready-mixed concrete plants in Yeongnam area.
West-Busan Aggregate Business Office
This office started to operate in 1998, and now produces and sells the crushed stones of 400,000㎥ per year. Also, it developed various aggregates for reclamation, mixing, etc., and is doing its best to supply the best products that the customers want.

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