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  2. Company Introduction


“We realize the platform business
connecting South Korea.”

동양은 1955년 창립한 이래 건자재, 건설, 인프라 엔지니어링을 기반으로 고객이 원하는 최적의 서비스를 제공하는 솔루션 Provider로 성장하였습니다.

Since its foundation in 1955, Tongyang has expanded its business into the a variety of construction-related industries, and now it reaches forward to become a solution provider offering the optimal services that customers need on the basis of construction material network, construction services and infrastructure engineering.

The network of construction materials especially ready-mixed concrete has established a national distribution network over a long period, and offers a one-stop service for all construction materials including the finishing materials such as thermal insulation materials, tiles, sanitary wares and plaster boards, as well as basic construction materials such as ready-mixed concrete and aggregates.

With its highest level of construction capabilities accumulated in the wide fields such as housing, civil engineering, and commercial facilities, our construction business also offers high quality construction services aiming for high values added to limited property assets, such as real estate development, leasing and remodeling.

Specializing in industrial plants, the infrastructure engineering business is the greatest manufacturer for fans and blowers, and possesses its unique technologies for localizing technologies for air pollution prevention facilities. With its technical consulting for presenting the suitable way where most necessary, we promise the highest efficiency even behind the scenes.

As a platform provider of construction-related industries, Tongyang will continue to offer its differentiated solutions for customers’ success through various networks and optimal processes.