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‘Expansion of key equipment and materials based on our technology of the fans & blowers area’

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Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan
Features The Tongyang’s plant business that started with technical cooperation with an advanced foreign company, has the design and manufacturing technologies conforming to the international standards such as JIS, API673 & 560 based on its experiences accumulated for more than 40 years. Especially, it has grown up to a major global company through performing many overseas projects.
Tongyang’s plant business has a variety of model fans, and widely supplies the centrifugal fans conforming to the requirements for high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance to all the industries.
Strong PointsHigh efficiency, high pressure, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, energy-saving via fluid coupling
State-of-art Design and Analysis Automatic 3D design, dynamic analysis of rotary system, high-efficiency model research, stress analysis of rotary system
Applications– For utility industry, boiler’s positive blower (FDF), suction blower (IDF), primary air fan and other process fans
– For utility industry, gas recirculation fan and booster fan
– Coke oven, soaking pit, sintering and pelletizing system fan/ wet type and dry type particle removing fan
– System fans for steel and metal industry
– For chemical industry, fans for process steam, recirculation, cooling, high pressure and sealing
– For glass industry, fans for cooling air, air for combustion and gas emission
– Combustion air fan for marine boiler and LNG gas combustion system