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‘Expansion of key equipment and materials based on our technology of the fans & blowers area’

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High Pressure Blower

1. Single Stage Blower
FeaturesThese blowers effectively increase the pressure necessary for the operation by using only a single impeller. Even at decreased air volumes, it automatically sets up the optimal operating conditions depending on the changes in the external environment.
ApplicationsSewage (waste water) treatment plant’s air supply, desurfurization equipment‘s oxidized air blower
2. Multi Stage Blower
FeaturesWith a number of impellers attached in series in a casing, the air inspired by rotational force of impeller goes through a number of impeller one by one, and the air pressure is increased without pulsation and surging in the broad operating range.
ApplicationsSewage treatment plant, desurfurization equipment‘s oxidized air blower
3. Roots Blower
FeaturesThe two helical rotors are engaged to create high pressure fluid.
– Working pressure: 1000mmAq – 12000mmAq
– Applicable capacity: 3 – 700㎥/min
Strong PointsSpace-saving, and stable operation with high efficiency
ApplicationsWater treatment, pile cleaning, powder transfer, incinerator, heat treatment, painting spray, oxygen supply in fish farm, drying, grain transfer, powder transfer, dehydration, food material transfer