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‘Expansion of key equipment and materials based on our technology of the fans & blowers area’

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Axial Fan for Power Generation

1. Axial Flow Fan
FeaturesAxial flow fans are used in equipment that requires higher air volume for the pressure, and aare applied to high efficiency and low noise blowers.
Strong PointsProvision of stable operation conditions via anti-surging, anti-stall and resonance prevention analysis
ApplicationsPower plants, desurfurization equipment, dust collecting system, tunnel ventilation, LNG carrier
2. Pitch Control Axial Fan
FeaturesThrough technical cooperation with the world-class company, this fan can adjust air volume at the high efficiency of minimum 80% – 90% even during its operation by automatically changing the blade angle using a hydraulic cylinder. We have various materials and differentiated design options.
Strong PointsDesign options conforming to various special conditions such as high efficiency, easy maintenance, high temperature, explosiveness and corrosion.
ApplicationsPlant boilers, desurfurization equipment, gas guide, ventilation system and tunnel ventilation