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‘Residential Space for Comfortable Lifestyle’

동양의 주택 건설서비스사업은 일반주거브랜드인 N’PART와 고급주거브랜드인 라테라스로 대표됩니다. 일반주거 분야에서는 1996년 김포 사우지구 아파트 분양을
시작으로, 파주 운정신도시, 인천 청라신도시 등 26개 단지 10,000여 세대의 아파트 건설실적을 보유하고 있습니다.

A house has to be the most comfortable space. Tongyang has been engaged in the housing construction projects for apartments, high-end residential facilities and town houses satisfying various customer needs for the space in terms of relaxation, health, convenience and hobby. Tongyang continues to invest in increased added values of existing space through the rearrangement of residential environment such as redevelopment and rebuilding, as well as constructing new space. Making customer satisfaction and values top priority, we will do our best to create the most comfortable and happier residential space for the future.

Brand Introduction

General residential brand

High-end residential brand

High-end town house brand

Construction Performance

Tongyang has constructed 26 apartment complexes to about more than 10,000 homes.

Construction Photos

We proved our safe and excellent performance through carrying out construction works for Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) in GwangjuHyocheon, Incheon Yongmaru, ChungjuHoam District.
For the high-end residential area, we successfully perform business of La Terrasse in Hannam-dong, La Terrasse in Samseong-dong, etc.

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