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“Customer satisfaction comes first.
We will continue our unstinting investigation.”

동양은 1955년 창립한 이래 건자재, 건설, 인프라 엔지니어링을 기반으로 고객이 원하는 최적의 서비스를 제공하는 솔루션 Provider로 성장하였습니다.

Welcome to Tongyang website.

Tongyang has continued its growth and development in the various businesses such as construction materials, construction and infrastructure engineering based on the experiences and technologies accumulated for more than 60 years since its foundation.

In the fourth industrial revolution era, Tongyang reinforces its capabilities for business integration platform to provide its customers with new experiences and values.
Especially, in order to maximize added values to businesses, Tongyang establishes a foundation of the take-off enabling its growth to a general developer that can embrace all the processes such as project development, construction, operation and management departing from the previous manufacture and construction-oriented business.

In 2016, Tongyang joined Eugene Group to proactively prepare for the changing future market environment, and to strengthen its business competitiveness. In order to create more synergy, we plan the future businesses through collaboration with Eugene Corp. and affiliates engaged in various business sectors in the group.

Moving towards the next half-century, Tongyang promises to go into fierce contemplation, daring challenge and continuous investment to think ahead to the customer needs and realize best values.

TongyangCEO Chung Jin-hak